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Hygcell™ fiber is a new kind of function fiber made by wet-spinning, using natural brown algae extract as material, water as solvent. It not only gives the fiber with the concept of health, but also uses marine resources creatively, in order to combine textile’s function and green environmental protection perfectly.

Hygcell™ fiber has the following environmental value:
1. Raw material are from marine organisms, instead of petrochemicals, thereby reducing dependence on oil resources.
2. Using pure water as the solvent, the production process does not cause environmental pollution problems.
3. Having good biodegradability and compatibility, it does not cause environmental pollution problems during and after use.







Hygcell™ fiber has the ideal mechanical properties, good spinnability and whiteness, excellent moisture absorption, biocompatibility and bio-degradable, flame resistance, electromagnetic shielding, efficiency of beauty and etc.

1. High absorbency
Compared with other fiber, Hygcell™ fiber has high moisture absorption. Especially in the solution containing Na+, the fiber will swell and become hydrophilic gel. Therefore, the use of Hygcell™ fiber as medical material has the following advantages:
1) Substantial absorption of wound exudates, thus reducing nursing time and care costs.
2) Hydrophilic gel can give the oxygen channel, while obstruction and isolation of bacterial infection. As a result, it gains high quality wound-healing environment.
3) ""Gel blocking" effect makes the spreading and impregnating to healthy tissue by wound exudates reduce greatly.
4) With Biocompatible, the mutation and exclusion with the wound don’t happen.

2. Metal ion adsorption
Hygcell™ fiber can form chelate structure with metal ions, so it has excellent adsorption ability of metal ions, especially heavy metal ions, such as: Pb2+, Cu2+, and Cd2+. The removal rate of Pb2+ and Cu2+ is up to 99%.
Using the characteristics of adsorbed metal ions, Hygcell™ fiber can produce antimicrobial, anti-radiation, and anti-static protective textiles.
Due to the adsorption capacity of metal ions, Hygcell™ fiber can accumulate metal ions in the solution, and reuse by acid or salting-out method. It is extensive in terms of heavy metal waste water treatment and precious metal recovery.


3. Flame resistance
Hygcell™ fiber has a special structure. When heated, fiber decomposes CO2 and water vapor, and forms carbonate on the fiber surface, thus it is effective to isolate oxygen. So Hygcell™ fiber is extinguished in the air as soon as left the fire. Hygcell™ fiber is a flame-retardant fiber, which has good flame-retardant performance and its limiting oxygen index is 34.

During the combustion of Hygcell™ fiber, its tobacco consumption is less than the viscose fiber. Different to the textiles added flame retarder, it doesn’t decompose harmful gases.

4. Dyeing properties
Hygcell™ fiber contains hydroxyl and carboxyl, which can act with cationic dyes, weak acid dyes, acid mordant dyes, neutral dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes. And it gives the fabric a bright color and good color fastness.







5. Mechanical properties
The breaking strength value of Hygcell™ fiber is slightly higher than cotton fiber’s and viscose fiber’s. Therefore, Hygcell™ fiber can blending or intertwin with other natural or synthetic fibers. It gives the fabric comfortable hygienic and other special functions.

Table 1.Hygcell™ Fiber, Cotton Fiber and Viscose Fiber Mechanical Property

Fiber Name
Hygicell™ Fiber
Cotton Fiber
Viscose Fiber


Hygcell™ fiber especially suitable for medical care, hygiene materials, water treatment industry. It is experted that its purpose will be expanded in the future and provide the community with a wider range of service.

Table 2.Hygcell™ Fiber Application 

medical gauze, bandage, surgical line, artificial skin
mask, health food
underwear, bra, maternity wear, protective overalls, socks
automotive interior, curtains, bed sheets, carpet
liquid filtration, air filter, water purification
Health materials
diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes




Based on customer’s needs, we can produce the staple fiber with its deniers 1.6 ~ 5.5dtex, cutting length of 2 ~ 80mm.